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A fresh collection featuring beautiful, simple shapes & gorgeous fabrics
Whimsigirl is a wonderful collection celebrating sophistication and simplicity whilst embracing playfulness and practicality. Offering clothing for both girls and boys, from 3 months up to 6 years old, shapes are clean and designs elegant, yet every item shouts comfort! Designed in the cultural melting pot that is Malaysia, Whimsigirl takes pride at telling worldly stories through culturally-infused children's clothing and promises to take you on a different journey every season.
Each item is slowly manufactured locally using 100% natural fibres such as linen and cotton, ensuring a top quality, crafted product. Whimsigirl is that bit different and really rather gorgeous. They aim for one-of-a-kind designs that make adults wish they were children and we’re feeling it! We are also big fans of their free, worldwide shipping!