Durable barefoot shoes that allow feet to feel
REGION: United Kingdom
Vivobarefoot make shoes that keep kids' feet connected to their brains. Lightweight and durable, these shoes have an ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole that keeps feet dry and safe, whilst – vitally - still allowing them to feel.

We are naturally inclined to protect little feet, but perhaps loose sight of their need to make contact with the ground we walk on! Our feet, with their hundreds of nerve-endings, send as many sensory messages to our brains as our hands. Vivobarefoot believe keeping this sensory connection between feet and brains is vital for growing brains - and bodies!

With this in mind they’ve created shoes that are foot shaped - allowing feet to move like feet. With no heel or support but with an ultra-thin protective sole, they offer protection whilst letting nature do the job intended. You’ll find a range of option from colourful water shoes, smart school shoes, everyday shoes and trainers, to minimalist desert boots.

All have the same respect for the biomechanical masterpiece that is the foot and contain nothing but the absolute essentials. Natural feet have all the technology they need, and a healthy shoe should leave them to it!

Vivobarefoot offer shoes in sizes 4 through 13 and 1 through 6. They offer a large range of options for adults.

“This makes a lot of sense! ”


5 Questions with Bayarma from Vivobarefoot

Sometimes being a parent can take your career on an unexpected, but wholly right, path. Bayarma, a mother of two, works with her husband at their company, Vivobarefoot. Interestingly, they make shoes based on the principle that wearing no shoes is best! Their product has a distinct philosophy associated behind it. Bayarma tells us about ...