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Vintage inspired, USA-made clothing with a little Russian soul
Valya Kids is an online boutique offering happy, playful and classic clothing for 0 – 5s. Launched in 2016, this shop is based in the US and produces its sweet products locally, but the story begins in Russia. Mama Tatiana was inspired to create her shop following in the footsteps of her wonderful babushka, the eponymous Valya. When her own daughter (also named Valya -- so lovely!) was born she felt a sense of the torch being handed on, and these lovely designs followed. Tatiana’s babushka was always knitting or sewing; famous in her village, she used her weathered hands to create the most perfect pieces, helping her through hard times in more ways than one. This third Valya (the brand) aims to honour this and embrace the nostalgia, to keep a sense of history and to remind of days gone by, to a time when children spent their days outside eating fruit straight off the trees and running around until the sunset called them home. Valya Kids’ vintage-inspired clothing is simple and classic, versatile and practical. Their skirts are made of super soft 100% cotton and are lined to ensure maximum “twirliness”. Colours are rich, prints are fun and original. A small but perfectly formed collection.

“A lovely story - sewing Grandmothers are the best!”


5 Questions with Tatiana from Valya Kids

Discovering a new brand is always so exciting -- seeing gorgeous pieces, someone's ideas, hopes and dreams made real, the result of so many decisions, influences... It's something we could never tire of. Last year we were delighted to come upon newly launched Valya Kids, with their colourful, nostalgic designs and ethical production. This collection ...