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Hand-sewn clothing evoking the simple joys of bygone days, yet with a modern touch
Tortoise & the Hare is a collection of heirloom quality children’s clothing for 0-8s made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This is a gorgeous range of nostalgia-evoking, beautifully simple yet playful shapes, perfect for adventures and freedom – and for a fun-filled childhood. A small family business, the entire range is produced at the family farm, sewn by hand by seamstresses taught their skills by their mothers and within a community with a rich heritage of artisan craft and teamwork. Fabrics include linens and hemp and design elements borrow from the simple way of dressing traditionally found in local Amish culture, yet the final result remains perfectly modern. The range is creation of mum Rosina, who grew up on the same farm, inspired by the surrounding nature and her Grandpa’s gift for storytelling. Rosina’s passion is creating well-made quality clothing for adventures, for memory making and worthy of passing on for others to enjoy. We think she’s doing just wonderfully!