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Vibrant and contemporary swimwear for boys... and matching swim shorts for dads too!
Tom & Teddy is a premium Australian beachwear brand specialising in bright, bold and super-soft swimwear and beach clothing in matching styles for men and boys.

How fun for little boys to match their dads... or you can mix it up and everyone can have their own design (they have lots of designs and colours available).

Each piece is made to an exceptionally high standard -- quality and durability are at the core of the Tom & Teddy brand. The quick-drying microfibre is salt water and chlorine resistant and the soft, comfortable fabric is also combined with UV protection.

Tom and Teddy Blog Posts

Father and son swimwear from Tom & Teddy
Tracking down nice-looking swimwear for boys is surprisingly more difficult than you would think! Especially rash tops -- they always seem to have some crazy text or logos and end up clashing with the swim trunks my boys wear. Which is why I was excited when Tom & Teddy announced their new collection of simple rash tops (without any text!) to ...
Tom & Teddy, swim trunks for boys and men
We've just returned from a little half-term holiday in Positano, Italy. Apart from a few rainy days (and some jelly fish stings!) we had a really lovely, relaxing time. I will sit down later this week and write up a little guide for Positano (this was our 9th time visiting - it has become almost ...