Luxury paper products to help you make someone smile
REGION: Belgium
Tokketok is a stationery brand located both in Portland, Oregon and Belgium. They recognise that a simple gesture can make someone smile, and that’s what they create their beautiful products for! They offer all types of gorgeous ways to easily pass on a note – stunning notepads with gold foil letterpress, fill-in notes, simple fuss-free stickers allowing you to say all you need, colourful notebooks, flag notes, clever cards that hold a few flowers (SUCH a stylish upgrade to a few simple blooms…) Take any of these and you have the most stylish, polished result – without needing to put your calligraphy or design skills to the test! It’s so easy – and these products are gorgeously luxurious, with heavy paper and quality finishes. They’re clearly created by a brand with a deep love for the traditional craft of printing.
Additionally, Tokketok offer custom creations - designed and printed luxury pieces to fit your various communication needs. This is a great shop to check out if you’ll be needing anything by the way of weddings, baby showers, party invitations, holiday cards, personalised or business stationery… Or anything you can think of, really!

“Beautiful, simple, clever - such a great way to send a quick note! (makes me so happy!)”


5 Questions with Joke from Tokketok

I absolutely love paper. Seriously, I'm addicted -- sturdy notebooks, stylish correspondence cards, a pretty stack of patterned origami paper... I never seem to be able to resist a nice stationery product! So when the incredibly talented and stylish Joke from Tokketok, who I have been following for many years, launched her new stationery collection, I knew I was ...