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Personalised party kits for easy themed parties
The Humble Hostess is a London-based online boutique that will help you put together a fabulous looking party in no time whatsoever. They’ve done all the hard work for us parents, putting together beautifully packaged boxes of handmade themed party decorations. Busy mamas breathe a sigh of relief when opening these complete kits containing bunting, cup cake picks, confetti, a framed print and more, all personalised with the birthday child's name and age. The Humble Hostess help you with all the gorgeous pieces you’d put together yourself if only you had the time. Pick the theme – Superheroes, unicorns, trains, princesses – this shop knows what little hearts desire, choose between a standard or ultimate pack, count your little partygoers and you’re all set. All you’ll need to do is unpack a lovely box and your party is full themed and ready to go.
The Humble Hostess understands that putting together a fabulous party can be stressful and time consuming – so it’s no surprise that this shop is creation of a mum! Jo loves nothing more than hours of online browsing and shopping, as well as creating her own handcrafted decorations, of course. Jo’s goal is to make the busy fellow parent's life easier and let them spend more time with the birthday child in the run up to their special day. What a great idea!