Pure linen bedding for adults and kids, lovingly made in South Africa
REGION: United States
The pure linen creations of Telulinen are a wonderful meeting of natural materials and classic - yet modern - functional design. The combination offers amazing comfort and beauty to everyday items. In this online shop you will find a divine range of bedding for adults and children, some beautifully simple items to wear and lovely square canopy tents too.

The cornerstone of their collection, Telulinen’s duvet and pillowcase sets are luxurious and perfect for both the avid interior designer and the everyday homemaker. Made of the highest quality linen, the bedding strengthens with each wash and is temperature regulating for the ultimate comfort. The pure linen quilts are Organic cotton filled and equally useful as a little bed or as a play mat.

A US company, Telulinen’s products are lovingly made in South Africa. The creation of mama Michelle, the company is named after her children and the manufacturing facilities are run by her family. From their Southern Hemisphere base they bring decades of experience of textiles production and huge respect for nature, the people who make their precious goods and those for whom they are made.

US-based, Telulinen ship worldwide and offer free shipping to a number of countries.

“Simply beautiful!”


5 Questions with Michelle from Telulinen

The collection at Telulinen is beautiful simplicity, so pure and natural. It has us feeling quality family time and appreciating the little things. Reading the story of founder Michelle, it all makes sense. We so enjoyed reading her answers to our 5 questions and getting to know more about her! Read along to find out ...