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Modern Fairisle knitwear, beautifully handmade in France using 100% natural materials
Sophie Ochera is a knitwear brand offering a beautiful line of colourful heirloom woollen pieces. Based in Normandy, France, this bold and considered collection is inspired by folk costumes and textiles from around the world.

Sophie combines an eclectic range of patterns and motifs, all beautifully handknitted together from natural fibres in bright colours, to create a perfectly harmonious patchwork. Her work embraces and reimagines the traditional Fairisle: this classic design is her starting point, to which she adds unusual colour combinations and motifs, knitting them into simple shapes that are modern yet timeless.

You’ll find unique and gorgeous wool sweaters and cardigans for girls and boys, aged 0 – 9, as well as a small collection for women! Each super-soft sweater is made in pieces on a standard gauge one-bed knitting machine, brought together on a circular needle and finished off by hand, incorporating lots of different colours for a beautiful and unique circular Fairisle yoke.

It’s a time-consuming process of love – which can be seen in the stunning result. Passionate about slow fashion and motivating people to buy less and better quality, founder Sophie was inspired to start her own brand. A textiles designer and mama, Sophie believes it should take time to create something beautiful, and that what we make should be valued for a long time to come. Her aim is to make knitwear that you will want to keep and pass on for generations to come.

“I love how this collection mixes the traditional with the unexpected”