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Scandinavian design wood and canvas swings, perfect for use inside and out
The Solvej Baby toddler Swing is designed without compromise to bring joy and create beautiful memories for children. Swedish designer Thomas has imbued in his swings the Scandinavian traditions of quality, functionality and timelessness. Each swing is carefully crafted to be cherished, shared and passed on. Suitable for ages 6 months to 6 years, this swing will be in use for quite some time before you’re ready to part with it, though!

Solvej are committed to providing only the best. For ultimate functionality, swings have been carefully designed for use both indoors and out. Materials have been thoughtfully selected with the environment and practicality in mind: sustainably milled naturally durable timber, top quality outdoor furniture canvas, high performance marine braid and stainless steel fittings are used. With 11 beautiful colours to choose from, you’ll find a swing to beautifully fit suit every setting.

Solvej is the creation of a world-travelling New Zealand-Swedish couple who settled in rural NZ when expecting their first child, Solvej. When they discovered she loved swinging, and couldn’t find a (non-moulded plastic!) swing to meet they loved, cabinetmaker and craft teacher Thomas made Solvej a canvas baby swing. It quickly proved attractive to other parents, and the rest is history!

In addition to their classic baby and toddler swing, Solvej have super swing options for older children and children with special needs. They ship from both Europe and NZ.

“A perfect swing for your home!”