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The smart solution to spills and cupboards full of sippy cups
SipSnap is a spill-proof kid's drinking lid that fits any cup, anytime, anywhere. Stretch these drinking lids over your cup of choice – or whatever you have to hand – and you’ve got a spill-proof cup to give your child.
Designed by two Mums (of course!), there are two types of lids. The TOT version comes complete with a chew-resistant spout for the youngest sippers, whilst the KID can be used with any size straw to avoid spills with older children (and, ahem, fully grown ones!)
What we love about these lids is that they are small, free of all nasties and perfect both at home and on the road. The lids stack and save you precious cupboard space by enabling you to use cups you already own. Pop a SipSnap in your bag (or pocket!) and you’re set for a spill-free trip to a friend, relative or restaurant.
SipSnaps are made of the highest-grade silicon and are dishwasher safe. They come in packs of 3 fun colours, each complete with a handy carry case and ship worldwide!