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Stylish, versatile nursing covers
Saving Grace make beautiful & versatile, eco-consciously handmade nursing covers. Utilising unique fabrics from around the world, these nursing covers are reversible (think two looks in one!) and versatile. In addition to being used for nursing they make a wonderful adjustable secure blanket for baby carriers & strollers and a changing pad cover. What we love (in addition to the fabrics!) is the generous sizing of the covers; they are big enough for those easily-distracted toddlers
Mum Caitlin breastfed her first-born seemingly every 45 minutes for months on end. She quickly found she preferred the privacy offered by a nursing cover and that her little one responded better to the secluded environment. Covers worked great for her – excepting the covers themselves! She realised that function and style were not to be found together, and set out to change that with Saving Grace – a beautiful, useful accessory option for mums!