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Joyful wallpaper with unique and one of a kind prints. Trendy, playful, or just basic.... For kids or grownups!
Roomblush is a Belgian company offering unique, one-of-a-kind printed wallpapers. The collection, which regularly changes throughout the year to stay fresh and unique, offers a variety of gorgeous patterns in deep, lovely colours. Styles are trendy, playful or basic with themes like 'Scandinavian', 'Botanical', or 'Retro' -- all of which come in beautiful, deep colours.

You can easily search the Roomblush collection by room, theme or colour, and there are many (very inspiring!) lifestyle interior photos and tips to help you choose your favourite pattern and further decorate your space. Once you have chosen your wallpaper, you can use the easy calculation tool indicating the amount of rolls you need. And there are clear instructions on how to apply the wallpaper as well!

Roomblush is making it so easy to revamp a room, or even just a corner. Here's to a minimal change resulting in a maximal effect!

“So many beautiful styles and patterns! And the lifestyle photos are super inspiring.”