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Wall art to compliment your décor, originating from your child’s drawings
QuirkyLime is a UK-based design studio that creates wonderful printed products from the most precious of creations – children’s art. They offer bespoke and personalised artwork carefully designed to celebrate and nurture children’s creativity, transforming their drawings into ‘Junior Masterpieces’ - perfect pieces to hang on your walls or give as a memorable gift.

The bright, colourful, larger than life reproductions of favourite creations are available in a number of formats. These art prints are carefully created to perfectly fit with your interior whilst enhancing the work itself, and of course ensure special drawings are safely kept and can be enjoyed forever more.

QuirkyLime can work with a variety of input from single line drawings to more complex creations. Taking your child’s drawing, they enhance the outlines and add colour from the QuirkyLime palette to brighten the image, creating a strong, vibrant signature look. A background is added to achieve a real 'wow’ factor - and to enable the print to perfectly compliment any colour scheme.

QuirkyLime is the creation of mama Karen. The prints she created for her own children’s work inspired a request from a friend for the same for her family – and the first family portrait was produced. More requests followed and QuirkyLime was born, meaning Karen can do what she loves best - looking at the world from a child’s perspective, then creating something unique and personal.

“A wonderful way to make the most of those special creations!”