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Perfect gowns for every occasion (including bed!)
Plain Jane make perfect little dresses to take little ones through day to night, night to day. Simple and fun, these are dresses perfect for relaxing and lounging around in -- so much so they make great nightdresses. They’re not your run-of-the-mill nightdresses though; these are gowns to live in. If your family loves PJ days as much as ours, then you’ll likely find these ideal!
Plain Jane is the creation of a mum of 3 girls. She realised that her girls needed something super comfortable that they could wear for any occasion. These gowns are made of super-soft cotton, with just a little spandex to give the necessary stretch. We love the simple design, the flowing lines and fun colours. So simple, so comfy and yet stylish! Seeing her girls sorted, mum Sarah realised us Mamas have just the same needs – so she went and made us the 24 hour dress! Plain Jane believe that everything is better when you’re in your PJs and there’s no need for us to miss out, for once!!
Plain Jane gowns are made is the USA and currently ship within the US, to Canada and to Australia.