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Perfectly simple designs and natural colours - comfort meets chic for 0 - 4s
Phil&Phae is a Dutch brand offering a comfy and chic range of clothing for babies, toddlers and children up to 4 years old. They aim to bring pieces that are unique, but they’ll always be uncomplicated -- they believe that whilst good design is in the detail, results should look effortless. You’ll find contemporary shapes, attention to detail, super-comfortable materials and sophisticated colour palettes here. From cardigans to leggings, pants to onesies, scarfs to tees, dresses to jumpsuits, shapes are simple but each item features lovely details such as pockets, flatlock stitching, buttons and dying techniques. This collection is as easy on the eye as it is to wear - colours are inspired by nature and washed-out hues recur throughout, whilst only the softest and most comfortable materials are used to make the garments. Most styles are made with organic cotton. Phil&Phae have a sustainable design philosophy: while bringing exciting new colours and additions each season, styles are timeless and designed to be enjoyed for more than one season. Their collection is made in carefully selected sewing houses with high ethical and environmental standards.

“Such lovely pieces! Real easy-to-wear staples for little wardrobes”