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Football gear – changing the game on and off the pitch
PARK SSC is a socially conscious football brand that inspires youth to change the world through the sport they love. Lovers of the beautiful game, this company is focused on harnessing the power of world’s most popular sport to make huge, positive, social impact. They create unisex, football-inspired clothing, accessories and balls. Each item is not only super cool and of the highest quality - every product sold helps children in need, too!

PARK SSC’s footballs are designed to last in harsh environments without sacrificing playability. They’re tested for kicks and ready for wherever you play your game! They feature seriously hip designs – bold, graphic, striking – helping impact a meaningful message. Many are limited edition (collectable!). The biggest magic of these fab balls, however, is that for each ball you buy, a second ball will be given to a child in need.

Alongside balls, you’ll find keeper gloves and essentials such as pumps. And, excitingly, an equally cool range of apparel has followed! Starring the same winning graphics, the statement items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts and caps are designed for fit, comfort and style. And, of course, these items are also all about passing the goodness on - 50% of profits from clothing are donated directly to charities supporting disadvantaged children.

All items are ethically manufactured in factories that pay fair wages and where employees work reasonable hours. No child labour is ever used. Items are shipped from warehouses in Australia, the US and the Europe, so wherever you are you can enjoy simple shipping!

“These balls are SO cool. And they’re even cooler since you know that somewhere, a child is playing football with a ball identical to yours! A great gift for all children who love to kick a ball around (and a great gift for teenagers too!)”


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PARK pass a ball to a child in need.
The idea behind PARK is a lovely one. Simply said -- for every ball they sell, PARK will pass an identical ball to a child in need. An amazing initiative, with a noble idea behind it: that football can change the world. Sam and his friend Tara started PARK because they believe football has the power to transcend ...