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Creative books to inspire and be enjoyed
Owl & Dog Playbooks are unique interactive books to enjoy with small children. Refreshing and fun, they’re somewhere between a book and a toy and are the creation of a UK-based independent publisher. The books are the labour of love of parents Yeonju and Claudio, who recognise that the daily ritual of reading to a child is one that is intrinsically theatrical and full of improvisation. With a background in product design, they’ve been inspired to take a fresh look at the book – exploring new and unusual formats - devising clever options to be used and read creatively whilst encouraging interaction between parent and child. They search for the unexpected, and for moments of magical discovery. The aim is for children to experience books in new ways, whether they are embracing their ‘Owl’ (wise) or ‘Dog’ (boisterous) sides at that moment in time. Full of colour and featuring memorable lines of text, these books (or are they toys?!) are sure to be a big hit in your home!