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Naturally soft & sustainable clothing for babies & children up to 10 years
Omibia is a luxurious baby and children’s clothing company whose mission is to make clothes of the highest style and quality whilst paying maximum respect to the people, places and natural processes involved along the way.
Excellent craftsmanship, sustainable business principles and attention to detail are key values in the design process. Omibia´s collections are produced in organic, GOTS-certified cotton fabrics - even down to the thread and tape used in the labels!
Omibia truly believe that nature knows best - that’s why they use 100% natural materials to make all their designs. Whether it is the baby alpaca that goes into making the precious knitted cardigans so warm, or the organic cotton that makes the light summer dresses so fresh, these designs make the most of what nature has to share. Indeed Omibia is designer and mama Mercedes' expression of her love for the simplicity of things made with care, love and passion.

“The quality of these knits is truly amazing and the fit - superb!”


Omibia Blog Posts

Beautiful fashion and knitwear from Omibia
Last year at the ShopUp, a sweet lady came up to me, presenting me her beautiful business card and telling me about the brand she was setting up, a collection of luxury children's fashion and knitwear called Omibia. She told me she hoped that next year she could join us for the ShopUp, and I ...