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A fun, young, creative and happy brand offering 100% natural rubber toys!
Oli&Carol creates natural rubber toys meant for teething, bath time, sensory play and pretend play. The fun designs are flexible and soft, easy to grasp and squeezable, making them the ideal toys for the littlest babies. They are also very cool looking, so they make great decorative objects!

Oli&Carol toys are handmade from 100% natural rubber from the Havea tree and individually hand-painted with food-grade, natural pigments. Plus, they are created as all-in-one pieces without holes, so no water can enter the toy -- avoiding the creation of bacteria inside. As a result they are super hygienic and entirely safe to chew: perfect for soothing little gums and offering 100% worry-free play for little ones.

The creative souls behind this great brand are Olimpia and Carolina, 20 and 25 year old sisters from Barcelona, Spain. Olimpia and Carolina decided to start a business four years ago based on their mutual love of design and nature. They have succeeded in setting up a business where they could have fun together, while creating environmentally friendly products for modern and fun family lifestyle.

“Our favourite toys for bath time and beyond!”