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A luxury London family portrait studio specialising in black and white photography
REGION: United Kingdom
Nousha is a Clapham-based family photography studio that creates stunning images for you to treasure for a lifetime. Capturing your family's unique character, your children in a moment of joy, beauty or cheekiness, this studio strives for strong work that you'll be proud to display for years to come. For pictures that stand well alone as ‘Art’ - not just portraits of your children

As us parents know all too well, little people are always growing and changing. Nousha believe that in an era of endless phone shots, there is huge value to having timeless family photography that records a moment in time in a pure, classic, elegant manner.

They work from a modern studio in London, creating portraiture in a unique black and white style. This setting removes busy and distracting backgrounds, delivering stunning visual results with your children centre stage. Images that are made by your child’s character and personality – with perfect lighting and white walls, the only thing to shape the feel of the photo is your child. Nousha firmly believe that studio photography is THE way to get child portraits.

Nousha’s sessions last no more than an hour and are full of FUN! Through conversation and movement, children are made to feel at ease, whether they are 5 months or 25 years!

Nousha is a team of portraiture photographers and the creation of Claire and Lionel. A landscapist at heart, Claire helped develop Nousha’s ‘House Style’ and runs the smooth production. Lionel has a fabulous, iconic portfolio. Having begun his career as a features and portrait photographer, he later specialised in the British Royal Family for twenty years. What more could you ask!

“Such elegant and insightful work!”