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Beautifully crafted portrait photographs of cuddly childhood companions
My Oldest Friend is a UK-based unique service creating fine art portrait photographs of beloved childhood toys and comforters. Their gorgeous creations serve as a beautiful addition to a bedroom wall, an heirloom keepsake and a sure way to protect treasured memories. The portraits are lovingly designed and crafted to capture the individual personality of those very first best friends, with stunning results!
This unique service is the creation of parents Steffan and Becky and they’ve thought everything through to the last detail – this is VERY precious subject matter we’re talking about, after all!
Pick your style (so fun, reading the options!), identify and book a time to suit, send your special package as per their postal suggestion and the little friend will only be gone for the shortest of holidays! (Check the handy tips on site to help you through those couple of nights!) When the oldest friend is at the studio the team will spend a few hours getting to know the toy and working out how to pose it to display its personality. It might sound a lot – but look at these results!! After the final touches are added the image is printed on premium quality photographic paper, mounted and professionally framed.
The idea for My Oldest Friend came when Steffan decided to create a special present for his daughter, a portrait of her own beloved “Bayou” 'bunny'. Her reaction was so full of delight that Steffan and Becky now work together to bring the same pleasure to our little ones!

“I love this idea! And look at the results - stunning!”