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Mix and match 100% organic bedding full of character and stories
British brand Moonsie offer 100% organic cotton baby and children’s bedding designed to be mixed and matched. Created with kids in mind, Moonsie’s collection embraces personal style, allowing little ones to choose their favourite sleep companion and of course their (or your!) favourite colour combinations.

Moonsie’s duvet covers feature an innovative design encouraging you and your child to engage in an imaginative world of stories. Each one includes a hand-drawn guardian, ready for your little one and with a very special mission. They come complete with their own stories, you can bring the characters to life by engaging with the tales and poems – how fun to include the sweet little creature from your duvet in your bedtime stories, and how great to have that strong, kind character watching over you all night!

Alongside the duvet covers there is a series of bedding options, from bassinet sheets to pillowcases, fitted cot sheets and single bed sheets. Select your size, colour and character and have fun! You can even customise your our duvet set! The range is available in lovely shades of grey, pink and blue.

These options are not just stylish, but comfortable and eco-friendly too. Each item is made from the softest organic cotton and no harsh chemicals are used. Moonsie have selected a 200 thread count organic cotton fabric that is smooth to touch and is pre-washed to make for an even softer, yet durable, finished product.

This brand realises that bedding not only makes a big impact on décor, but that if touches precious skin for perhaps 12 hours a day! Moonsie products are GOTS certified and made to the highest environmental and social standards; not only is the fabric 100% organic but the dyes are also free of all toxins.

“I love the idea of bedtime stories complete with the little cutie on your duvet cover!”