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Handmade, gender neutral, unique (ground-breaking!) dolls and soft toys
Mamma Couture make unique dolls and soft toys. They are the creation of Eva, an inspired sewer and professional pattern cutter with a passion to offer something different and aid social progress!
Building on her now classic assortment of dolls, play fruit and vegetables and ride-on unicorns, Mamma Couture’s latest collection is a set of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Dolls designed to encourage girls to engage with these fields from an early age -- empowering them to start a journey that can change the world! Noting that so few women forge careers in these fields and a disconnect with girls from the outset, Eva interviewed many scientists then turned to London-based illustrator Melissa Greenwood. Together, they created four characters, their professions and their journeys, and brought them to life as unique dolls - each with their own personality and style that will appeal to young girls.
We love these dolls and the on-going original collection too. Eva collects materials from all over the world, creates original patterns, collaborates with artists and sews every piece by hand, limiting the production to a number of exclusive pieces. Her beautiful dolls are designed to grow with your child, to become a companion and bring comfort - some with removable pacifier cords, some dressable rag dolls, some friendly animals. The fruit and vegetables are designed with development in mind, with different materials, shapes and colours encouraging discovery, the imagination and creativity. The enchanted creatures (including unicorns!), for magical, gender-neutral FUN!

“The prettiest stick horses (and stick unicorns!) for magical, imaginative play. ”


Mamma Couture Blog Posts

Mamma Couture, and the enchanted creatures
We've been loving the beautiful products at Mamma Couture for a while now. You might remember the sweet bag of fabric vegetables, the cute rag dolls that come with different outfits, or the customisable dolls that we have shared with you in the past year -- all lovingly handmade with the utmost attention to detail and safety. Eva ...
Handmade 'Maria' doll from Mamma Couture
In the run up to Christmas I spotted a Maria doll on Mamma Couture's Instagram feed (a 'Maria' doll meaning Maria from The Sound Of Music, complete with her own guitar!). I just knew Ivy would love this, so we ordered one for her for Christmas and it has been a huge hit. The dolls ...
Dressable rag dolls from Mamma Couture
How cute are these rag dolls from Mamma Couture? They're completely handmade and the faces are hand painted, giving them such sweet expressions on their little doll faces. All the dolls come with a few super sweet clothes, that can be combined in different ways to create cute outfits. They are also machine washable (practical!). Mamma Couture ...