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French style meets Mexican flair creating beautiful clothing for babies and children
Maison Frida is a US clothing brand that takes the best from both France and Mexico to create a stylish and colourful collection for babies, boys and girls aged 0-7 years. You’ll find classic, simple, ever-stylish shapes with a sense of fun. Jackets, shirts, shorts, blouses, dresses, bloomers with fresh touches – contrast trims, ruffles, prints, tassels… A blend of French design, with Mexican colours, and natural fabrics.

A high quality brand, Maison Frida is based on the personal journey of mama and creator, Soizic. Born and raised in Northern France, she met her Mexican husband, Alex, and moved with him to Mexico City. Living there, she noticed and loved the use of bright and bold colours in everyday life – in houses, cars, and clothing. The use of these vibrant colours inspired her to create a joyful clothing collection for kids that would bring together her beloved classic French designs with these exciting and unfamiliar tones.

Several years of education and experimentation (and testing on her children!) have culminated in Soizic’s dream coming to life in a wonderful way! Soizic has worked equally hard to ensure that Maison Frida represents her values. All clothing is made ethically and responsibly in Chicago, Illinois, using only the highest quality natural fabrics. Wherever possible, eco-friendly fabrics and suppliers are used.

“I love the combination of classic styles and pops of colour!”


5 Questions with Soizic Villanueva from Maison Frida

Brands that are the creation of one dedicated person can often offer a very personal reflection and fascinating insight into the brand's unique collection. The stylish and colourful children's clothing of Masion Frida clearly follows the life story of its lovely creator, Soizic Villanueva, a French mama married to a Mexican man.  Intrigued by this ...