Handmade costumes for children. Full of fantasy and crafted with the utmost care and detail!
REGION: Germany
maii-berlin is a small Berlin based label offering the most gorgeous handmade costumes. Founded in 2011 by designers Astrid Menz and Britta Stelzig-Kupsch, the brand offers beautifully crafted dressing-up outfits which children can wear to their favourite far-away fantasy destinations.

Children love dressing up: role play enables them to practise real-life situation where suddenly the weak may feel strong, the bashful become bold and perhaps the wild whirlwinds for once will act mellow.

All the maii-berlin costumes are handcrafted in small tailor shops in Berlin, but Astrid and Britta personally fine-tune every piece in their little studio in Charlottenburg. The last stitch, the exact right positioning for the ears, horns and tails, the quilting and the buckles... All special details are thoroughly attached and carefully checked before the garments are prepared for shipping.

These high quality costumes are made to last and to withstand many adventurous.

What a fun, colourful, and sparkling children’s fairy tale world!

“Such beautiful, wonderous costumes!”