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Blankets, décor, knitwear and dolls full of charm and personality
La Lovie has a gorgeous collection of special touches for beloved spaces. Whether blankets, cushions, lights or handmade dolls, each item is full of charm, personality and handicraft - and sure to raise a smile.

This US-based online boutique is the creation of an artist and fashion designer husband and wife team (how wonderful!!) Celebrating a love of quirky, eclectic design, these two draw inspiration from all over to create designs that are fresh, hip and modern. They love to craft, draw, paint, sew and knit and you can feel this in their creations. They also value our world and use only eco-friendly materials.

The collection contains beautiful items for nurseries, including luxury cashmere blankets ideal for cosily wrapping up little ones and sweet nightlight cushions that give a subtle glow, perfect for little ones learning to sleep in the dark. However, the clever aim here is to create products that children will use over and over again, keep for a long time and then pass on to their own children. The dolls are a perfect example of this – magically enticing for young children, they are perfect for gentle play and equally divine as room or home decor. Each gorgeous little creature is handmade by Irene and sewn individually.

The whimsical musical cushions are another stand-out piece. These feature classical and modern music box melodies and original designs are silk-screen printed using eco-friendly inks, making them safe for your child and good for the environment. So sweet!

“I'm slightly relieved to learn that La Lovie's collection is for the biggest of kids too!”