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All-inclusive kits for stylish parties without the stress!
Kit and Caboodle help you throw hassle-free parties with cool and stylish party kits. A UK-based online boutique, this shop has you covered whether your little one is looking for a unicorn extravaganza, a science lab experience, a trip to Hogwarts or all things dinosaur.

Their all-inclusive themed kits are a guaranteed shortcut to success, carefully put together and offering everything you can think of (and most likely lots things you can’t!) for a whole range of party themes. Add a matching cake decorating kit and you are ready to go! You can also opt to purchase a number of their perfect, themed goodies separately - so if you’re just looking for the icing on the cake (literally and figuratively), this is a great place for you too!

This shop is (of course!) the creation of a mama – Alice has been where you are and knows just what us parents need. This lady loves a party and has spent a huge amount of time choosing and testing out the best party options – so we don’t have to (phew!)

“Yes! We need this option in our lives!”