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Chic, unique and playful clothes for babies and children
JJ PARK has a fabulous range of original clothing for babies and children aged 0-7. Full of personality, the stylish yet practical designs you’ll find here are not to be found on the high street. They’re playful and beautiful and they’re items both your and your little one will fall in love with!

Whether you’re searching for dresses, rompers, trousers, jackets, leggings, blouses, shirts, jumpers or t-shirts you’ll find options here to make you smile. There is also a big range of accessories, from socks and tights to hairclips, bags, necklaces ands brooches – lots of great gift ideas!

The shop is the creation of the eponymous JJ, a fashion designer and mama from South Korea, by way of Camden market. JJ, known for her distinctive style, personally selects each piece for its individual character and charm, placing a great deal of attention on detail, quality and finish. Each item stays true to JJ’s "Three Ps" - designs that are pretty, full of personality and perfectly fit for purpose. Each one is also put through the most rigorous test JJ knows - her four lovely children!

Her goal is to offer a collection that balances style with comfort -- elegant but hardy pieces that she would be happy to dress her own children in. We certainly think she’s succeeded!

“Cute, cute, cute! Everything in this shop is just so sweet!”