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A functional, timeless and cool canvas to wear and personalise!
House of Minimus sells boilersuits (or 'canvases' as they prefer to call them) -- cool, easy-to-wear and above all functional all-in-ones. Made in Italy from 100% cotton, there are two versions: the more robust classic twill or a lighter, more relaxed canvas weave.

Beautifully tailored for an ultra-flattering fit, these canvases are as hard-wearing as they are striking, and are crafted down to the last detail to withstand whatever adventures you might take them on over the years.

The four colours in which the canvases are available are simple yet bold. Dyed and washed using an artisanal method, each one of them is very slightly different, providing a timeless blank canvas for further personalisation (if desired) with the artist-designed badges that can be ironed on to the canvasses.

The first series of badges is called Animal Spirit and has been designed by Muhammad Fatchurofi who has in the past worked for clothing and music brands. They consist of five animals relating to the Elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit. Influenced by mindfulness and spirituality, the essence of his illustrations fully reflect the Minimus brand ethos. (In order to support mental health, £1 of each badge sale is donated to Heads Together.)

We love these minimalistic and cool outfits -- thankfully there are adult styles available as well!

“Timeless, durable and cool. A winner!”