Magical lamps for magical (little) people
REGION: Netherlands
Hartendief (Thief of Hearts – in the best way!) is a Dutch company making the most gorgeous and creative items to adorn any child’s room. Their collection of wall lamps and pendant lamps for children have a gorgeous print on the outside and a secret story on the inside. Switch the light on at night and you enter a different world. Each one holds a magical story, only revealed when the switch is flicked. Secret fantasy worlds appear before the eyes, creating a darling atmosphere perfect for dreaming.

The wall decals and wallpaper circles transform any room instantly as the illustrations are absolutely adorable. "Bear wants to Kiss the Moon" is the cherry on top-the cutest picture book to complete the Hartendief experience.

All items by Hartendief are made with utmost attention to detail, locally, by a small team and with respect for the environment.

“That extra special addition to any children's bedroom!”


Hartendief Blog Posts

Hartendief lamps
Even though we have been living in our current house for over three years, Ava still had a temporary lamp up in her room... until this weekend! We finally installed the adorable 'miracle lamp' from Dutch design company Hartendief. Hylkia, the sweet and super creative owner behind Hartendief, introduced the 'miracle lamps' a little while ...
Lovely lamps from Hartendief
Look how lovely this pendant lampshade is...  I just love having some typical 'Amsterdam' toys and decorations in my house now that we live in this special city!  Have you ever been to Amsterdam??  It's very typical with its canals and canal houses; I don't think there's another city quite like it in the world!  The scene ...