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Activity kits for families with young children offering fun and simple ways to explore values
Happy Heart Kid offer a range of activity kits and games that help parents pass on the values they hold dear to their little ones in fun and natural ways. Their series of character building activities are enjoyable, interactive and perfect for families, providing a simple way for parents and children to learn and talk about everyday values -- together and through discovery rather than ‘teaching’. Happy Heart Kid's products aim to spark curiosity, engage children and help develop their social and emotional intelligence while continuing to improve their spatial, language, fine motor, cognitive and artistic skills. Their kits come in a series of themes, such as empathy, grit, courtesy and gratitude. They include a game, an activity and a book plus all the materials you could need together with a guide for parents to help get the most out of the experience. Learn about the gift of giving through felting; explore the feelings of others in everyday situations through a faces craft activity and game; learn about grit in an imaginative game that encourages teamwork and creative solutions. These are beautifully thought-through options you’ll be so glad you’ve added to your child’s life experiences and which you’ll be sure will benefit you all.

“A great way to spend quality time with your children, knowing it will be a rich experience for them as well as a lot of fun!”