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Commemorate a birth with a beautiful print of the sky as it was above the magic moment
GreaterSkies make beautiful, unique, sky maps showing all the stars and planets above your baby's birthplace at the moment they entered the world. Both stylish and meaningful, these maps are a perfect gift for newborns and birthdays, celebrating the life-changing moment and recording it for all time.

GreaterSkies create photographic quality maps of the sky at any given moment from any given address. Their prints offer a gorgeous rendition of the stars and the planets as they aligned above your special place, at your special moment.

These prints are a stunning addition to any décor. More than just looking good, they are a perfect means to commemorate an important occassion such as the birth of a child, a first kiss, a wedding day, a big birthday, graduation – or anything that is important to you, really!

Creating your map is simple. Input your chosen address, date and time. Add a personal caption or message and you are all set! You can choose to receive a print and high resolution file, or opt for just the digital file – from which you can of course easily create your own print.

GreaterSkies maps make an original and very personal present – for your own family or a friend. One to remember for the next newborn gift or anniversary!

“Such a great idea for a baby gift!”