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Handcrafted, hand-painted wooden peg dolls with personality
Brooklyn-based Goose Grease partners with artisans in Bogotá, Colombia to create stunning, handcrafted wooden peg dolls. Their gorgeous creations are as perfect for play as for décor – for creating fun times and keeping treasured memories. With a local studio this shop also offers the option to create personalised doll families!

Each doll is carefully hand-chiselled on an electric lathe in a small carpentry shop in Bogotá, Colombia, using sustainably forested wood. They’re then carefully hand-painted with non-toxic water-based materials – meaning they are perfect for all ages.

You’ll find a large range of characters and sets on offer, with options as diverse and inspiring as ‘the peace makers’, ‘community helpers’ and ‘Frida and Diego’, as well as larger chess sets and nativity sets. There are also lovely options such as wooden airplanes, dolls houses and tool belts.

If you’re looking for something extra special, this is a great place for a unique present. Goose Grease offer custom dolls, ornaments and even cake toppers! You simply supply your photos and a description - and you can be sure of a stunning result!

Goose Grease is the creation of Anna Leigh and Juan Carlos Donado. Their Fair Trade relationship and use of sustainable materials is of key importance to this company, who train local Colombian artisans - offering employment as well as the highest quality product.

“A personalised peg-doll family - what an amazing present idea!”