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Playful, colourful, global décor touches and essentials
GABO + MATEO designs provide fun, colourful décor and essentials for kids that spark play, imagination and learning. Their creations are globally inspired, with designs in English, French, Spanish and Japanese. Colour and fun rule here, with gorgeous, vivid patterns including unique illustrations such as origami cranes and pastel macarons. Choose from a whole array of eye-catching prints, totes bags for mums and kids, and a line of accent pillows for a fresh touch

These are the creation of a mum of two with a life-long love of art, design and languages. Her goal - to create art that helps cultivate happy and inspirational environments for kids to play and learn. We sure think she’s achieving that!

“How gorgeous are the activity prints – what a beautiful way to help guide your child through their day!”