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Clothing & accessories for magically creative children aged 1-10
Four Fairies and a Prince is a new London-based webshop founded by Pinja (originally from Finland) and Caroline (originally from The Netherlands) who set out to offer a stylish and enchanted collection of clothing from their home countries. The shop now offers a great selection of Scandinavian and Dutch children's labels including Angulus, Ver de Terre, Gray Label, Wheat, and Bock to name just a few.
You'll find also find a great selection of shoes and accessories... and coming soon, a selection of home and lifestyle products too.

Four Fairies and a Prince Blog Posts

Sturdy summer sandals from Angulus
Marlow and I left the house the other day to pick the big kids up from school and only after we arrived to the school did I realise we had forgotten her shoes! I guess that is the sign of summertime. She ran around the entire afternoon with her bare feet and never complained! Alas, ...