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Natural, handmade and ethical clothing and accessories for 0-10s
Catkin is an online boutique stocking organic, natural, hand and ethically made children's clothes. British-based Catkin specialises in international brands hard to find in the UK, particularly those from Australia and the USA, plus lots of lovely European labels.

This collection is all about nature, comfort and beauty. So it’s no surprise that you’ll find an array of the finest natural fabrics such as linens, merino and other wools and soft cotton. Kids can run free in soft ribbed sweaters, loose-fitting blouses, comfy base layers, dresses, overalls, shirts, bloomers, cardigans, pyjamas and all sorts of cosy, lovely things.

With seven kids between them, friends Chelsea and Katherine know what is important - how clothes wash and feel, whether they can be passed down between siblings, and most importantly – do they enable kids to explore and be themselves? Fans of all the brands they stock, they wanted to bring their finds over to the UK for others to love too. Furthermore, they are passionate about supporting small, ethical and sustainable businesses, opting for organic wherever possible and avoiding chemicals to keep young skin safe.

In amongst the clothing options at this shop you’ll also find a small collection for mama, a beautiful selection of amber necklaces and bracelets.

“Some real gems of brands to be found here!”