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Chic, quality, eco-friendly UPF50+ swimwear for children from 1 to 14 years old and moms, made in Europe.
CANOPEA is a quality, protective swimwear range for boys and girls aged 2 to 10 years old. This brand brings together the best of several worlds – French design, sun safety and environmental friendliness – to create a fabulous collection of rash tops, swim shorts and bikinis. The elegant nature of the pieces – with simple lines and classic shapes (plus fun details like bikini bottoms customisable with contrasting bows!), may make their UPF50+ credentials less apparent at first glance – but being safe in the sun is top of mind here. (‘Canopea’ refers to the upper level of the tropical forest that offers protection for the rich diversity of young plants growing underneath). Environment responsibility is also behind the thinking and every step of the production process of this French-made brand. Recycled polyamide is used to make the anti-UV tops and no harmful substances are used in a production process designed in minimise waste and impact. Plus, of course, quality and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. These items are created to last, and designs are timeless – their simple, classic, clean styles can be worn for years and then handed down!

“I love that this shop mixes classic designs and colours with sun safety!”