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Handmade premium leather soft shoes for babies and children 0 – 2.5 years
Boumy has been making beautifully soft, perfectly formed leather baby shoes for nearly 20 years! Well-loved by young and old, this Dutch brand manages to both stay true to their original designs and to offer the most modern looks for fashion-forward bubbas.

But these aren’t just shoes that look good -- Boumy are committed to quality and to healthy foot development. These shoes, for little ones aged 0 up to 2.5 years, are made from the softest, premium leather, offering protection in shoes that are as close to walking barefoot as possible. Young feet need to move without restriction, especially when making those important moves from crawling to standing to walking…

Boumy’s leather is free of all toxins and is, of course, naturally breathable. All shoes are handmade and produced fairtrade. Finally – and as us parents know – oh so importantly! Boumy shoes slip on and stay on. A clever little elastic ankle fastening ensures they stay put whatever the adventure of the day.

You will find a lovely choice of calm, easy-wear colours that can integrate seamlessly into a little wardrobe. The classic Boumy shoe is available in a series of styles from the simplest cut to including fun illustrations, but lines are always clean and all designs are uncomplicated. The soles of the smallest two sizes are flexible and made out of roughened suede, whilst the bigger sizes have an added rubber anti-slip sole.

“A Dutch classic!”