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Handcrafted baby knitwear made of the finest wool and other natural fibres
Brooklyn-based Blue Alma offers beautiful, handcrafted natural-fibre knitwear and accessories for babies and children, 0 - 4. Founded by German Annemarie Shoemaker, the brand brings together a love of design with traditional craftsmanship and the finest natural yarns.

Annemarie’s designs are influenced by her strong connection to the past as well as her education in design and pattern making. The result is a timeless collection in wearable tones for all ages. Rompers, bonnets, cardigans, tops, trousers, dresses, berets, scarfs, hats… These are perfectly classic pieces in wearable tones to grace any wardrobe. Most designs are unisex, and there is even a line of accessories for grownups!

Annemarie has a deep knowledge of knitting techniques passed down through generations in the German countryside. She has a strong passion for working with alpaca, cotton, lambswool and other plant and animal fibres, ensuring each creation is comfortable as well as designed to different lucky wearers.

Every item is sustainably and ethically produced, with Brooklyn-designed pieces handcrafted partly locally and partly in collaboration with a knitting centre in Lima, Peru.

“Such sweet, warm bonnets!”