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Beautiful knitwear made to last for generations to come...
We are so in love with this gorgeous Spanish shop! Babaà makes quality children's knitwear for everyday use. The items are gorgeous in design... but there is also something that screams 'no nonsense, no fuss'. These are timeless pieces you will want all of your kids to wear and then pass down for generations.
They use 100% natural materials which means the yarns are not mixed with acrylics or any other synthetic fibres. And they try to keep their production as local as it can be, supporting the local Spanish textile industry and sourcing wool from the north of Spain.
The designs are oversized and loose fitting for extra comfort and to make room for growing children. And happily for us, our favourite designs now come in Mama sizes too!

“It's no secret this is one of my favourite brands! I love everything Marta creates. ”


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I've made it no secret that Babaà is one of my favourite labels for kids. I adore Marta's vision and the whole ethos behind the brand. The knitwear is perfectly simple, straight-forward, timeless and extremely good quality, meant to be worn and passed down from one child to the next. We have jumpers from Marta's first ...
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Is there anything better than a sunny, crisp Autumn day when you can leave your bulky coats at home and just head out in woollen jumpers?! (Those days are few here in London, so it is extra special when that happens!) The children's knitwear from Babaà is my favourite! Everything is hand made in Spain ...