Effortlessly chic postpartum and nursing clothes
REGION: United States
Allette have cracked what can feel like one of new motherhoods biggest challenges – clothing that is flattering post-pregnancy, that gives all the access you need for breastfeeding, and then the best bit – that is stylish and looks just like your regular wardrobe! This is a fresh and frankly revolutionary line of tops and dresses in cute designs -- with nursing access worked in!! You can breastfeed conveniently and discreetly whatever piece you choose - each item features a clever construction such as double v-necks or panels offering easy access through the sides, plus underlayers to ensure the ultimate discretion.
Allette is the creation of Celine and Oksana, two European-born, fashion-loving Brooklynite mamas. They bonded in the playground over their love for clothing and the challenge of finding fashion they loved but that also met the needs of their lives as mothers. Hurrah! Allette’s collection is designed for real women’s bodies and we’re willing to bet you would be wearing this collection well after your breastfeeding days are done too. These pieces are designed to last. Every item is made locally in small quantities with high quality easy-to-care-for fabrics. They can be easily dressed up or down so they’re versatile too. Perfect to wear, and wear, and wear again!

“I love the Marina shirt! So simple and perfect, and the nursing access - simply genius!”