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Luxurious, classic Spanish pieces sprinkled with a bit of Dutch magic
When (Spanish) Paola and (Dutch) Sabine met, they quickly bonded over their love of beautiful, classic children's clothing. Both mamas of little girls (Alex and Jolie) and with a shared background in the fashion industry, their own label ALEX & JOLIE was founded on the basis of their similarities not so very long afterwards.

ALEX & JOLIE offers a stylish yet practical collection which fuses classic Spanish fashion with a contemporary Dutch twist. Gorgeous fabrics, soft yarns and delicate patterns are combined with interesting, fun details such as wings, embroideries and collars, adding a bit of magic to it all.

The garments are lovingly made by skilled workers in small, family run workshops in the beautiful Spanish countryside. The great attention to detail, the handmade finishings and the high quality, luxuriously soft knits are proof of the partly Spanish Heritage of this brand.

“Beautiful, timeless, and fun! Luxurious, but without taking it all too seriously :).”