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<p>Babyccino was started fourteen years ago...</p>
<p>Three new mums met in London in 2005 just after their first babies were born. They quickly bonded over motherhood and the countless questions, concerns and joys that come with parenting. In 2007, one moved to Paris, one moved to Amsterdam and the other remained in London. They started the <a href="">Babyccino blog</a> as a way to stay in touch with each other and to continue to share parenting discoveries, tips and ideas from their three corners of Europe. Over the years, new contributors joined the team to help broaden the discussion, and the blog continues to offer parenting inspiration and different perspectives from around the world.&nbsp;</p> <p>In 2011, motivated by the noticeable increase in new and beautiful brands in the children&rsquo;s market, the team launched the <a href="/shop/">Babyccino shopping portal</a>, offering a curated directory of stylish, independent boutiques. This new platform was the first of its kind to connect shoppers with the innovative children&rsquo;s products and brands they were seeking.</p> <p>Fourteen years on, the Babyccino site continues to offer inspiring daily content and interesting blog posts. You will also find a series of <a href="/shop/cityguides.html">kid-friendly city guides</a> for seven major cities, <a href="/shop/guide/products/">seasonal product guides</a> to help with your shopping needs, as well as a selection of more than 200 of the best children&rsquo;s shops from around the world.</p> <p>Thanks so much for stopping by and joining the Babyccino community.<br />With love,<br />The Babyccino team xx</p>



Courtney Adamo
Founder, Lives in Australia

Courtney was raised on a tulip farm in the northwestern corner of America. She studied journalism in Chicago, started her career in Los Angeles and then moved to London with her future husband where they lived for 12 years and welcomed four children: two boys and two girls. Six years ago they sold their house in London, packed their bags and set off on a year-long travel adventure around the world. After falling in love with Australia on their travels, Courtney and her family decided to move to Byron Bay, a little surf town on the east coast. She welcomed her fifth child, a baby boy, in 2017, and is the first to admit that parenting teenagers and toddlers at the same time is a little bit bonkers. Thankfully, she has surfing to keep her sane, great girlfriends to remind her it's normal, and a husband who does all the cooking! It really does take a village...  

Read Courtney's Blog Posts Read Courtney's Blog Posts
Emma Bates
Boutiques Manager, Lives in the U.K.

Emma previously worked as a primary school teacher and now offers advice as an educational consultant, with a passion for helping parents to help their children flourish. The wonderfully long teaching holidays enabled her and her husband to travel far and wide before settling back on the same street she grew up on in Leigh-on-Sea and having two children, Isabelle and Oliver. She loves the mountains and truly embracing nature with her children, as well as al-fresco style dining even in the depths of winter. Being a mother brings her so much joy and she is currently awaiting the exciting arrival of baby number three in April 2021.

Sergiu Baluta
Software Developer, Lives in Pennsylvania

Sergiu has worked with Babyccino since the very beginning! He was born in Moldova, he studied in Romania, and he then moved to NYC for work in 2001. He met his wife in New York and got married in 2006 before moving to Dutch Country, Pennsylvania. He now has two kids - a boy and a girl - and enjoys organic gardening, wildlife photography, nature, biking and hikes. 

Shannon Corliss
Contributor, Lives in Maine

Shannon spent her childhood in Vermont before moving to Maine for college and suburban New Jersey to start her career in publishing. Drawn in by New York's magnetic pull, she then lived in Manhattan for six years before decamping to Brooklyn with her husband and sweet cats in advance of her daughter's birth. Now a converted Brooklynite at heart, she's since had another baby (a boy!) and purchased a rambling old farmhouse beside the sea in Maine. She loves dining out, weekend baking projects, travel, and escaping to Maine as often as time allows.

Mariam Tilus
Contributor, Lives in Germany

An eclectic in many ways, Mariam grew up living between Chad and France. After many years in Arizona, she recently moved with her husband and daughter to the beautiful Black Forest region in Germany, where they are now leaning to speak German. A huge undertaking!

Mariam’s career path has led her to work in the tourism industry (in both the UK and the US), property management and in higher education. With her husband, they have been lucky to have many adventures around the world, usually backpacking. But after the birth of their daughter, the family decided to slow down, downsize and focus on having more experiences with their extended family, which is scattered between 3 continents. Mariam loves road trips, walks in nature and watching her daughter grow.

Bee Berrie
Blog contributor, Lives in London

Bee is a twice-published author, an ex-microbiologist, and the brains behind the best biscuits in London. She’s also a plant-based baking expert and mother to a bouncy 2 year old called Joey.

Bee loves writing and sharing recipes, tips and hacks for delicious home bakes. Her passion is in showing how easy it is to substitute out, and bake amazing bakes without animal ingredients.

Outside of the kitchen, Bee loves nothing more than adventurous travelling with her family, and has travelled around the world with Joey and her partner Dan. Her favourite memory is a 5am stroll around a sleepy Hong Kong with a jetlagged Joey, fascinated by the dawn Tai Chi practices all around.

Lyndsay Bettles
Contributor, Lives in Dubai

Lyndsay is from London but is currently living in Dubai with her husband and their two daughters. She originally studied architecture but decided to follow her real passion and retrained as a food developer and stylist. She loves to create and share beautiful and nutritious food that inspires others to eat well. She has an obsession with ceramics and candlelight and loves to spend time with her family and friends - mostly whilst cooking and eating good food!