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I absolutely love a great tip or recommendation and even more so when it comes to babies and children.

When we had our first daughter, Isabelle, I remember how desperate I was for her to like the calming affect of being in water just as much as I do. During the first few days of having Isabelle one of the health visitors in my town ,who was just about to retire, gave me a little piece of advice and I have imparted it onto just about everyone I know who has a newborn ever since.

Did you know that nearly all newborn babies cry when they have a bath? Most parents think it is because of their little body being in the water or because they are not being held in the usual way. However the crying isn’t due to either of those reasons, did you know that there is a little patch on a baby’s chest just next to their heart and when this isn’t covered or has only air on it, this is what newborns find so distressing.  The health visitor told me that as long as the little patch on their chest remains covered then babies will never cry during bath time. I must admit I was dubious about this, but I have now tried and tested it hundreds of times with my own three babies and passed the advice on to friends who are so grateful that they then pass it on to their friends too.

To start with make the baby bath, or wherever you are bathing your baby, full of warm water, I always make mine quite deep. Then take two flannels and a towel. As you undress your baby ready for their bath place one of the dry flannels over their chest and then lift them into the baby bath slowly, keeping the flannel on them all the time. Keep the flannel on your baby the whole time throughout the bath.

Once they are ready to come out leave the wet flannel in the bath and with a spare hand or someone helping place the second dry flannel onto their chest and wrap them in a towel. Their chest stays covered all the time and your baby should be totally content too!

The second little tip that I have acquired along the way of becoming a mum is for babies who are constipated; as well as tummy massages and bicycle leg movements, did you know that if you stroke just under the ball of their foot from the inside to the outside edge, this is guaranteed to help with relieving any tummy aches. It is also super relaxing for your baby and a little time to connect together too.

I hope these little tips are useful and you will pass them on to friends.

Emma x



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June 23, 2021

These are gold! Thank you! Pregnant with my fourth baby and have never heard of these before! Excited to try them out for myself!!

Emma Bates
June 24, 2021

Thanks very much! I am thrilled they are helpful, wishing you lots of luck with baby number 4 – Emma

Morgan Mendoza
July 23, 2021

I must admit that I found these tips very helpful 🙂

Kate Parsons
July 25, 2021

We are so pleased to hear this, thank you for letting us know.

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