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Many Shapes of Clay — A Story of Healing

This beautiful book, Many Shapes of Clay : A Story of Healing is written and illustrated by Kenesha Sneed, and it is an absolute treasure. It is a piece of art, every page filled with graphic shapes and sensitive lines to create the most thoughtful story on grief, loss, and celebration of diversity. It is perfect for any child (or parent) who wants to explore conversations on mental health, feelings, and especially those going through loss or big changes in life.

After a pandemic year, which has affected many families personally with great loss. It has also brought large conversations in front of little people… perhaps earlier than many children would have faced these ideas. But this book arrived in my letterbox at the perfect time to share it with you, as this is World Mental Health Week! I am thankful for the book recommendation from the lovely and talented LaTonya Yvette, (whom I was supposed to have the special privilege of meeting at her own book launch just weeks before the pandemic, and still hope I get to meet in person one day as she is such an inspiration!)

But as the blurb on this book says, it is ‘A sensitive and comforting picture book about grief, which celebrates the healing power of creativity.’ I highly recommend Many Shapes of Clay : A Story of Healing to add to your library. It may not be ‘light’ as my eight year old daughter said, but it teaches important messages of looking for hope and making the most of things even when they are not what you had expected.

This book may even inspire you to go one step further, and use some actual clay or art to express one’s feelings. I hope it does, as I am sure that would be its’ own therapy and Story of Healing!

Enjoy this book, and if you would like another one of our family favourite book on feelings and emotions, this book The Color Monster is a great pop-up book about the colours of emotions. Especially great for readers eight and under.

It is so good for us to read books that spark conversation! Do you have any good books you can recommend about feelings and emotions? We would love to know, please add your thoughts in the comments section!




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