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Seasonal book rotation, do you do this too?

We completed our seasonal book rotation! Every few months, we update our home with something special and we also pull out some books to acknowledge the season. We keep it quite simple but some of our family like to go all out. And that is fantastic for us when we get the chance to visit them! It’s always so festive! For now we get virtual tours, you know… 2020, but it still cheers us up to know that some things never change. Even when we are far away from loved ones, family traditions stay strong! We could not recommend Nature’s Day by Kay Maguire and Danielle Krollenough, it’s has become a classic and a year-round treasure, and it is an amazing book to own!

One of the family traditions we love is to update the seasonal library with beautiful books. We rotate some of them in and out throughout the year. This is not done for all of them — for example, the classics  and reference-types books are available all year-round. Sometimes, they get moved from the living room to the bedroom, depending on what we read or because of a special interest. In my daughter’s bedroom, there is a built-in shelf and a cute little pine-wood bookshelf we salvaged from the side of the road. This is very typical here in Germany by the way: when people move and want to leave some items behind, they simply place them on the curb to be picked up, ready to find a new home.

But, books are not just for reading! At times, my daughter uses the books with foliage or landscape on the cover as props for play. Or they become a background for a puppet show she sometimes puts up for fun. And this works very well for any season! For us it is now autumn, the leaves have started to fall, and if you need some ideas, check out the autumn books favourites from the blog. Maybe you have read some of these in the past and maybe some will be new to you. I personally love the Fox and the Star story by Coralie Bigford-Smith, the illustrations are simply amazing. Whenever friends visit, they always notice it! Also, if you are currently celebrating spring in the Southern Hemisphere, here is a list of wonderful spring books suggestions for you.

So, what is a fun family tradition you like to keep going every season? Are there any special books or favourite decorations that come back year after year, regardless of your children’s age?  Are there any new addition to your library this year? Please do tell, as I love hearing from other family’s’ beautiful traditions.  I look forward to reading your comments, maybe you have a book suggestion of your own… Please share as that would be lovely! 😀

x Mariam


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