SEEK (and find out amazing facts) — the ONE app our children use!

Seek is our one and only app that our children use. It started in lockdown over the Spring, as things sprung to life, and our children would ask us ‘what’s that?’ So my husband found the answer, which was for all of us to learn more from the world of amazing digital technology by using a free app. We think it is so outstanding actually and have told so many friends and family members to use it too, because it teaches them about the world and nature!

I should quickly add that this is not a sponsored post! It is just a great tip I wanted to share.  “You don’t have to travel far to find weird and beautiful wildlife. Your garden, local park, street tree, window box or the verge alongside a local footpath are rich ecosystems filled with species… you’ll be able to identify any living thing in your patch – plants, flowers, insects, fungi, birds and animals. It’s like having a naturalist in your pocket! When you ID a species you’ll be able to find out all about it, and see how common or rare it is for your area and the time of year.”

Seek is by iNatuarlist, (there are many other brands as well that do similar apps). I have just shared a few screenshots of my phone’s Seek. Watch this video about how Seek from iNaturalist works, “Seek shows you lists of commonly recorded insects, birds, plants, amphibians, and more in your area. Scan the environment with the Seek Camera to identify organisms using the tree of life. Add different species to your observations and learn all about them in the process!” The more observations you make, the more badges you’ll earn. And who doesn’t love earning a badge?

Reasons to learn more and appreciate nature are a great thing. And children and screens is a pretty weighty conversation, which there are so many fascinating thoughts, facts, opinions, and concerns with. We have three children — seven, four, and one years old — so we have been able to pretty much avoid personal screens for the most part until now. None of our children have their ‘own’ anything (iPads, tablets, computers, phones, etc) yet, and we prefer to keep it that way as long as possible. But we now allow one spare old iPhone to be used for Seek outdoor learning (it only has wifi enabled but web access, emails, etc were turned off).

We only use Seek when we are together outdoors… and not all the time as part of nature is enjoying it too, not just photographing it! But we find it amazing when the kids come running over to us with massive grins on their faces to tell us that they have found ‘Dead Man’s Fingers’ (a type of seaweed fortunately!) or an Atlantic Dogwhelk. Then they tell us if it is Native to the area, or how many live in the area during the season, etc…

Look at that amazing caterpillar in the last image!

Seek and find!… we highly recommend it on a day to the park or even just in your own backyard. You may have been staring at a grass for the last forty years that you never knew the name of until now!

And if you want another one of our favourite outdoor activities, try this Nature Scavenger Hunt. It is screen free. 🙂

Tell us, do you have any great apps you love? Comment here or stop over at @laraoflondon to tell me more.





ps More on those lighthouse photos soon! I will share our favourite summer getaway so stay tuned…



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September 24, 2020

That looks great! Thank you for letting us know about “seek” for when I don’t know the answers which is often

Lara in London
October 23, 2020

Yes, it is wonderful and has saved us fro scratching our heads without an answer to a question many times!

September 28, 2020

Oh! My 7 year old son is going to LOVE this. He always has so many questions on our walks. Thank you for sharing!

Lara in London
October 23, 2020

It is a wonderful way for the whole family to learn together. Enjoy!

Susan O'Connor
September 29, 2020

I love Seek! I’ll upload pictures for my kids if we’re out and about and want to investigate it on Seek. I’ve used it most for plants and butterflies 🙂 https://maybeillbecomeafarmer.wordpress.com/2020/09/02/identifying-butterflies-and-plants-with-the-seek-app/

Lara in London
October 23, 2020

Great, thanks for sharing!

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