Sourdough pizza recipe — best recipe, tried and tested by Nomi!

My friend Nomi (@mrsnomi on Instagram if you don’t follow her already!) already shared her homemade sourdough bread recipe with us a couple of years ago. I started making sourdough bread after Nomi shared a bit of her starter with me, and her recipe is the one I loyally use. It’s easy, failproof, and results in utterly delicious bread — the best in Amsterdam, I always joke!

I have asked her to share more of her bread baking secrets with us, and here is her sourdough pizza recipe, which I’m so excited to try out. I’m currently reviving our starter (her name is Martha), and I’m hoping to be able to try this recipe this weekend! Thank you Nomi! x

Sourdough pizza recipe

If covid-19 has been good for anything it’s sourdough baking. Have you even been in lockdown if you haven’t been nurturing a starter, been desparate to buy that elusive strong bread flour and baked loaf after loaf? After more than 100 days I thought it was time to share my sourdough pizza recipe with you to change things up a bit. It’s easy to make and easy to remember. Unlike the bread you can make this on the same day.

Note: In general I tend to shy away from measuring by volume instead of weight when working with sourdough, but actually this pizza dough is so flexible that using cups makes it just that much easier to remember. Just add a bit of water if your dough doesn’t come together, or a bit more flour if it turns out too wet.

Sourdough pizza recipe

Sourdough pizza recipe

For four restaurant sized pizzas you need:

  • 2 cups of active sourdough starter
  • 2 cups of strong white bread flour
  • 1/4 cup of olive oil
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • tomato sauce (I like to cook two tins of tomatoes with garlic, herbs and a bit if salt and then blender but you can easily just use blender tinned tomatoes ‘raw’ or use passata as long as you bake on a very high heat).

Sourdough pizza recipe

Mix all the ingredients (I use my stand mixer), until the dough comes together (add some water if it doesn’t or flour if it’s too wet). Knead until you have a supple dough.
Divide in four and shape each ball of dough as if you are making a bun: by tucking the sides under so you get a nice taut surface. Let rest on an oiled tray until doubled.

I always put a large plastic bag over my tray and trap the air in it before twisting the end and tucking it under the tray so my cover doesn’t touch the dough, but you can of course use a tea towel too.

I tend to make my dough mid morning and usually manage to start shaping and baking late afternoon without much trouble, but if your dough is a bit slow to rise then by all means put it in a very very low oven which is then turned off for say half an hour (this is also a wet tea towel as cover situation), to help speed things up.

Preheat your oven to at least 220 degrees Celsius (that is how high our current oven allows me to go, but in our previous house I preheated to 250 C).

I like to bake my pizzas on a pizza stone which I also preheat but you can bake them on a tray covered in baking parchment too.

Shape each ball of dough into a large circle: some days I hand stretch, some days I roll onto a floured surface. And now that classic pizza recipe phrase: spread with tomato sauce and add your favourite toppings. We like it simple and often make Margharitas, with just tomato and mozzarella, maybe some olives… Bake on the hot stone (scatter some semolina on to prevent sticking!) until the mozzarella starts to bubble and change colour (8-15 mins).

That’s it! Buon appetito!

Sourdough pizza recipe

x Nomi


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