Super simple egg fried rice for little ones

Super simple egg fried rice

This super easy egg fried rice is my go-to for at least one lunch and one dinner a week for Lily. I love that I can chop and change the veggies according to whatever I have in, that the main ingredient is one of her favourites (egg), and that it takes precisely 15 minutes to make! Win win win! If, like me, you’re often on the hunt for new, quick and healthy recipes for your little ones, this egg fried rice is a must for your repertoire!

Super simple egg fried rice

Super simple egg fried rice


-1 egg
-40g rice (or your little one’s portion)
-Oil (we use sesame)
-3 mushrooms
-Handful of greens (our go-tos are spring onions, asparagus or spinach)
-Soy sauce (there are low salt options that are preferable for little ones)


  1. Boil your rice as per the packet instructions, typically 12 minutes
  2. Chop up your mushrooms and greens, I diced these smaller when Lily was younger and less keen on her vegetables but leave chunkier now that she’s a mushroom superfan!
  3. Fry your mushrooms and greens
  4. Crack your egg into sautéed veggies and ‘scramble’
  5. Drain your rice and add to eggs and vegetables
  6. Add soy sauce to taste (I use 1/4 teaspoon)
  7. Season as per your little one’s tastes- Lily insists on cracked black pepper with everything!
  8. Serve!

We love a meal that can be enjoyed by all the family, so it is absolutely worth noting that adding crushed garlic and sliced bird eye chillies to this dish, transforms it into a wonderfully easy lunch for grown ups, or a delicious side to accompany grilled tuna steaks or pork chops for dinner!

I’d love to hear if you make this for your little ones! Do please share with us your photos and more importantly your little one’s feedback!

Sydney x

P.S. Another simple yet delicious Asian inspired dish, for all the family, is Lara’s one tray salmon. We made it for dinner last week and loved it!


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